Arthur the Artist

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Original Art. Made to Inspire.

Refreshing, colorful, and dark, all at the same time. Our thoughtful collection of compelling designs makes it easy to find the artwork you’ll love.

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Art That Speaks To You

Modern art isn't always beautiful and décor often lacks meaning. Arthur the Artist creates designs that are full of beauty and meaning while expressing a wide range of moods. From meditative to playful, you'll find a piece that speaks to you.

Find Art You Love

You need to feel a genuine connection before selecting a piece. But that's hard in a marketplace with thousands of items. Shop our intimate gallery of captivating designs that’s sure to create an authentic impression.

Complement Your Style

Don’t get stuck wondering if a new piece will match your existing décor. Our collection offers a distinct selection of colors, textures and scales that allows you to easily match or contrast any space. A bold piece that reflects your personality will always be at home in its new surroundings.