Power, Beauty & Truth

This series is more than just an exploration of art - it's a statement of resilience and empowerment. The struggle for freedom has deeply shaped Black identity, transforming acts of peace, love, and joy into radical acts of resistance. 'Cosmic Black Joy' invites everyone to witness and participate in this celebration of authenticity, offering a glimpse into a world where the promises of freedom are not just imagined but are vibrantly alive and flourishing.

-Arthur the Artist

Rooted in Story

My Harriet Tubman: Her Life in Freedom mural design in 2022 was inspired by the medieval tapestries I admired while working as a security guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With Cosmic Black Joy, I want to build on the success of Her Life in Freedom by digging deeper into the concept of tapestry to share a radiant, positive vision honoring the spirit of Juneteenth, known initially as Jubilee Day.

A Historic Celebration

These vibrant tapestries bring the spirit of Black Joy to life using bold celestial imagery to capture our dreams and aspirations. They will debut at a Juneteenth Celebration at Seymour Library in Auburn, NY and displayed all throughout the summer. It will be the first art exhibition to be installed in this historic space. Your support will make an expert installation possible in this beautiful library.

Joyful Rewards

Your support breathes life into 'Cosmic Black Joy,' and in gratitude, I've curated a series of rewards that offer more than just thanks—they are gifts for helping me elevate Black Joy through this unique celebration. Depending on your level of your contribution can expect limited edition prints, merchandise and original works. By joining this list, you will learn more about ways to support this project.

Contribute to Cosmic Black Joy

By supporting this project, you help amplify these expressions of joy and defiance against systems that have historically devalued us. Your contribution enables us to bring this vital celebration into the heart of the community, creating a space where Black Joy is not just seen, but felt, embraced, and shared. Join us in this movement, where each piece of art declares our collective right to happiness and freedom.

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