Arthur the Artist

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My work interprets personal experience from an architectural perspective. As an architect, it was my job to translate mental concepts into physical space through drawing. I viewed this process as almost mystical and became fascinated with its potential. It was perfect for revealing unknowns, integrating systems, and portraying ideas with absolute clarity. I take a similar approach to my work but instead of designing structures that fulfill a client's needs, I use the same tools to create images and objects that reveal the unknown aspects of myself so they can be fully integrated and communicated clearly to others. This has led to two bodies of work created under the aliases Arthur the Artist and The Highcrafter. 

Arthur the Artist creates work that is purely visual and used for personal revelation while The Highcrafter produces objects meant to inspire and connect with others. While the lines between these styles are often blurred, they both come from an understanding that we as human beings are more than bodies and minds. Whether you call it the soul, spirit or consciousness, my work is rooted in the fact that what animates us is immaterial and its depth is infinite. Connecting with this aspect of ourselves enriches our lives by expanding our perception of who we are. My goal as an artist is to explore this aspect within myself and depict the experience through my work and share a perspective that restores a sense of wonder to our experience of life.