Arthur the Artist

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Chapter 6: The Last Thing He Did

He wasn’t there when I arrived. But he isn’t running. He’s revealing something. On his desk is a stack of colored paper with outlines and a scalpel. I get to work. As I make intricate cuts my mind becomes silent. Part of me feels timeless. Each sheet brings new insights. This is a triptych. Departure, initiation, and return. Boundaries are collapsing. Flowing like water. Eroding the form. Letting in light. Purifying the vessel - then I saw it! A human figure is defined by form yet filled with emptiness. That’s when I realized The Highcrafter isn’t a person. It’s the unknowable force creating his experience. And Arthur the Artist tried to draw it! But as he drew it, he unraveled and dissolved in it. First, he went out of his mind. Now he’s out of this world. I doubt we’ll ever hear from him again...