Arthur the Artist

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I don’t know who Arthur Hutchinson is and neither does he. I’ve talked to everyone he knows and from what I gather he’s some kind of chameleon. I’ve searched everywhere, but he’s always one step ahead. I went as far as Abu Dhabi when I heard he was an architect out there but all I found was a dagger, a crystal and some prayer beads. It doesn’t make any sense. Every clue just leads to another clue but I can’t resist the temptation. But now, I’m finally getting close. He sleeps when he thinks I’ve stopped searching and sometimes I can get a little glimpse.

But there’s always something that keeps him just out of reach. It’s mesmerizing. I can’t tell if it’s light, a reflection or a shadow. It’s always morphing like a cloud. Seems like it’s responding to me but I’m not sure. I just observe and document what I see. Part of me secretly hopes that I never find him because this is too much fun. But he can’t run forever. I’ll find him before the light goes out. I’m following up on a promising lead at the Metropolitan Museum of Art right now. Couldn’t be a more obvious place but he’s becoming more brazen. Now it’s as though he wants to be caught. Reported sightings have increased since I took a job there. I look forward to sharing my findings...

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